I'm enjoying great time in Salamanca, Spain. Via Barcelona, Granada, Ronda, Sevilla, finally I arrived here three days ago. Mrs.Ascención picked up me at the bus station, so I could find the house where I'll stay for a three weeks without any difficulties! (In fact, I was worried about to be lost in the strange streets and parks in Salamanca. hehe)

How was my trip? It was really great. I went to lots of historic places like La Alhambra in Granada, Catedral and Alcazar in Sevilla, and had whole of grand-nature view at the top of Montserrat - even I could saw the Pyreenes covered with snow! Luckily, January 6 was the one of greatest holidays('Festivos de Reyes' in Spanish), which I didn't expect. On that night, I could see very long march along the streets crambled with people like sand in a beach who desire to catch candies scattered by children at the march! It was ¡Fenomenal!

And now, I began studying spanish because courses in the university of Salamanca get started from today. I was very nervous at the first class (Lengua Española), but gradually became relaxed! I have two hours class of Spanish grammar, two classes of conversation and writing in Spanish, and last one class of Spanish art. Professors are very kind and encourge foreign students to speak in Spanish. A lot of Americans resistered in this international course in the university of Salamanca, and they are good at Spanish because they have studied Spanish since they were in Middle or High school. But I'll do my best to beat them! hehe.

I'm currently staying at the house of Mrs.Ascención, and it's very nice place to stay. Mrs.Ascención calls me hijo(pronounciated like ee-ho, meaning son in Spanish) and she is willing to help me in all of things: speaking in Spanish, Spanish dishes and simple cultures. Therefore, I don't feel any difficulties in living in Spanish(even without Kimchi or Korean food. hehe.) Well, it is the evidence of my well-being in Salamanca that I get some weight! :)

Thorugh the trip in Spain, I have learned and felt much, which I can't expressed with my words NOW, I suppose. But what I can say NOW is there are lots of things in the world to be experienced in the youth. May God blessed on my whole plan in Spain. :)

For the sake! Of the call!